Software As A Service (SaaS)

SaaS is a new model of how software is delivered.

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SmartHR - Software As A Service (SaaS)

SaaS is a new model of how software is delivered. SaaS refers to soft-ware that is accessed via a web browser and is paid on a subscription basis (monthly or yearly). Different from the traditional model where a customer buys a license to software and assumes ownership for its maintenance and installation, SaaS presents significant advantages to the customer.

SmartHRMS SAAS Version provides Managers with additional functionality to manage employee data using excel sheet import(Salary information/Leave/Attendance) and employees has got the option for Eclaims and Submitting Leave Applications Online etc.

SaaS is faster and a cost effective way to getting implemented. There are no hardware, implementation or acquisition costs involved to run the application from the customer's side. It's the responsibility of the us to manage and run the application with utmost security, perfor-mance and reliability. The SaaS Model is therefore more than simply delivering an application over the Internet, it is a whole business men-tality, requiring highly automated business processes and sophisticat-ed support engines in addition to the application itself

HRMS -Cloud Hosted Solution

Simple yearly subscription fee with no hidden costs

With Smart-HR SAAS, you pay a simple yearly subscription fee based on the number of active employees managed in the HR system each month for each of the modules you’ve selected. You can have as many HR administrators or self-service users as you want. There's no charge for leavers, no hidden costs for data storage, no extra fees for support or for updates to your existing functionality. It's all included

In addition to the features described in the solutions pages, the subscription fee includes:

  • Online help documentation
  • Getting started guides
  • Email/online help desk support
  • Data storage, including file attachments and photos*
  • Data backups
  • 2 Designated Users - 3 Days online training
  • Automatic updates to subscribed-to modules as new features are released
  • Return of data at end of subscription period if requested
  • Certified data-centre and associated IT infrastructure
  • Hosted with SSL Certificate
  • Data confidentiality contract signed

* Subject to fair use policy

Avoid being tied in to a long-term financial commitment

In today’s business environment, it’s important to stay on top of costs and to have the freedom to change if you need to. It just doesn’t make sense to sign up to huge upfront license fees or contracts that tie you into long-term financial commitments for systems that may not flex the way you need them to.

With SmartHR SAAS, the standard term is just one year. If you don’t want to continue using SmartHR SAAS, you just have to let us know before your contract term expires and we’ll close down your system and, if you want, export your data for you.

Save money on your IT infrastructure

As SmartHR SAAS is delivered online, as Software as a Service (SaaS), you don’t need to find money to invest in servers, firewalls, database software and all of the other ancillary services needed to keep your HR software up and running. We take care of all of that for you.

Reliability Guaranteed

Reliable and accurate — we guarantee it! We guarantee your overall satisfaction with SmartHRMS SAAS. If any aspect of our service fails to meet your expectation, you can cancel your service at any time.

We’re so confident you’ll benefit from SmartHRMS SAAS; you’re invited to try us at no risk for one month. If you’re not completely satisfied — for any reason — during this time, simply cancel. You’ll receive a full refund.

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