Smart Time and Attendance Software

Smart Time and Attendance Software is a browser-based, all inclusive Time and Attendance solution that interfaces to payroll applications and allows organizations to electronically collect and track accurate workforce data, streamlining the payroll process.

Smart attendance Software can be integrated with many Attendance Machines for accurate tracking of working hours and overtime of employees. Job Costing or Project wise costing can be integrated for generation of timely project reports and overtime.

Why You Should Use Smart Time and Attendance?

  • Saving time for your accountant or book-keeper that was previously spent processing your old manual time and attendance system data. 
  • To allow your attendance data to be collected at many computers around your company but processed and reported on central without the need for extra work. 
  • So that local overtime laws are no longer a problem and can be adhered to in just seconds rather than hours spent on manual calculations. 
  • To help you keep track of your real labor costs as well as preventing overpayments, both of which will impact immediately on your bottom line. 
  • To prevent buddy punching and fraudulent time keeping records. 
  • So that you and your supervisors can know who is at work in just seconds saving you time and allowing you to react more quickly to staffing problems. 
  • Because knowing your employment costs by shift and department allows you to track and control internal efficiencies more closely.

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