Payroll Outsourcing Dubai

Managed Payroll Services

Outsourcing payroll is fast becoming the preferred business solution for processing this non-core activity and complex legislation makes payroll an ever expanding minefield.

Outsource your payroll to the SCS and you will: -

-Free up your time to focus on the development of your business

-Replace your need for specialist assistance

-No longer have to worry about confusing and complex legislation

-Minimise your IT investment or involvement

-Receive professional support for all payroll related matters

-Have greater control over your payroll costs

You have online access to a simple and easy to use system, while our dedicated payroll experts are on hand to deal with any queries you may have.

Managed service doesn?t mean that you lose control. Smart HR Managed Service will tailor the level of service to suit your needs and will agree a service level agreement that suits your business requirements, making the service specific to your organisation. This will clearly identify each party?s obligations along with time-critical deadlines and customer care.