Payroll Dubai

SmartHR - process simple or complex payrolls in-house

SmartHR integrates Payroll, Human Resource, Employee Scheduling, Time Keeping and Electronic Funds Transfer modules into a powerful multi-user management tool. Use the Payroll module on its own to effectively manage all aspects of payroll in your organization. Or add the other powerful modules to take advantage of the full power of the integrated suite.

With these tools, you have easy access to the critical information you need in order to plan your business workflow and to organize your personnel. Enjoy the benefits that In-house payroll solution can offer such as time savings, reduced costs and improved data presentation that will help facilitate management decisions. SmartHR is designed to make your job easier while at the same time helping you provide superior service to your employees

Greater business efficiency - Our solutions help companies to streamline internal processes through effective, flexible and scalable workflow practices. This can help to improve performance, driving innovation and smarter working.

The latest online technology - Our solutions make full use of web-based technology. This allows forward-thinking HR departments to go beyond the traditional models of HR practice, giving managers and staff a single point of access to vital HR information.

Greater control for all users - Employee self-service tools allow staff to change bank account or address details, book holidays, request a training course, complete a pre-appraisal form or even apply for a staff loan online. Individual line managers can also complete appraisals, control sickness absence, and access real-time reports to make more informed decisions.


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