Payroll Abu Dhabi

Smart City Systems provides Payroll, HR and Time & Attendance solutions to organizations throughout GCC. Our mission is to provide customer-focused payroll software with simple and cost-effective solutions. We take pride in ensuring that our customers are fully satisfied with the level of quality we provide when you sign on as our valued client.

SmartHR is a comprehensive Payroll solution ideal for medium and large sized businesses looking for advanced capabilities and HR integration. Clarity offers a cost-effective solution with a short implementation cycle, typically in less than a month.

We have one goal in mind. Make the life of an employer, payroll manager or HR manager easier.SmartHR improves productivity and simplifies the administration of your payroll process, so your staff can focus on the business in hand.

SmartHR Employer & Manager Self Service module, known as (ESS), enables managers & employees to access and obtain information they need, interact where necessary and approve any processes. This ability to maintain their information will tremendously reduce requests to the HR department and in turn, save your business money.

Highlighting Feature of Employee Self service

-Improve employee and manager engagement through timely access to personal information

-Employee entry and edits to personal information such as emergency contacts

-Role based personalization provides managers with customized screen access to their team of employees

-Managers can setup new employee through Hire Wizard

-Managers can review and maintain employee skills and competencies

-Manager can complete performance appraisals and employee development plans

HR and Payroll Managment

Appraisal Management

HR Budgeting and Manpower Planning

Recruitment Management

Training Managment

Easy to Use
- The program's intuitive tabs and menus will make learning the program fast and simple. With our Getting Started Guide, you'll be up and running fast and ready to process your first payroll

Secure for Multi
- Users and Multi-Company - The program allows you to create an unlimited number of users and apply access and functionality priviledges based on each person's ID. Multiple administrators are also allowed.

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