HR and Payroll Management UAE

SmartHR helps organisations make the most of their talented people with leading HR management and payroll software systems.

Available as an in-house solution or as a cloud solution, SmartHR is a scalable and secure software system that is capable of delivering truly integrated HR, payroll and talent management using a single database.

HR Management - support the business and ensure compliance with HR modules including Absence Management, Organisation Planning and Time & Attendance

Talent Management - manage talent with integrated recruitment, development, retention and reward, as well as performance management and workforce planning

Payroll - deliver accurate, on-time payroll with modules including Absence Management and Flexible Benefits and Rewards

Employee Self Service - eliminate the use of paper, improve record management and automate business processes.

The facilities of the Software are not restricted to just payroll but extend to significant aspects of the Human Resource (HR) function. So in addition to capturing the basic payroll data such as basic pay, housing, travel, communication and other allowances etc. the Software is able to record the date of joining, employment visa dates including expiry, number of dependents, complete history of the employee in terms of promotion, transfer, increments etc. It sends email reminders for renewal of visas, driving licences, payment of rent, school and Club fees and such deadlines relating to an employee so that no major milestones are missed. It also extends the facility of noting any assets that the Company may have given to its employees on joining such as laptop computers, mobile phones, vehicles etc and reminds the HR department to receive these assets when an employee is leaving the organisation

The Software also tracks leave entitlement, leave availed and balance to the credit of the employee. It also facilitates the process of obtaining various approvals from different divisions on-line to enable an employee to proceed on leave. So once a user name and password is provided to an employee, the employee can log in and check the leave to his or her credit, apply for leave online, which gets escalated to the immediate manager who receives intimation by mail that an employee has applied for leave. The manager can then approve or disapprove or suggest a change in the requested leave period which again is relayed to the employee. Once the leave is approved the necessary records are updated. This makes the process entirely paperless and does not hold up a leave decision because the superior is not in the office or cannot sign a piece of paper and makes the process so much simpler and efficient, besides making an HR manager's job less stressful.

The setup of the payroll for a client in the Software commences with the basic data either manually fed in or imported through an Excel/CSV format. This import facility is a great feature as client's payroll data which is maintained in Excel can be easily imported into the Software without the user having to undertake tedious data entry work which could result in duplication, errors and delays.

Self Service

SmartHR supports a self-service approach to allow employees to maintain payroll and HR details from any web-enabled device for real-time data accuracy, and provide managers with a single source of key employee data at their fingertips.

Other such features include a provision to the employees to log in and view their payslips, print them and submit to a third party such as banks, insurance companies, consulates and embassies without having to rely on the HR department.

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