Smart HR Solution

Smart HR Solution is a complete HRMS Solution developed to cater the HRMS Software requirement of the Middle east region and covers all aspects of HRMS domain.

Smart HR Solution ....Why should you buy???

Historically HR software solutions have a reputation for being very dictatorial. They force you to work in ways that do not necessarily suit your organisation's unique structure. They are also built on last century's technology, which often prevents true integration and inter connectivity and the huge time-saving and flexibility benefits it offers your team. The solution you choose should:

• Provide web-services to your users with access to the data they want anytime, anywhere.

• Follow commonsense, sequential HR processes to really streamline working and improve team productivity.

• Allow rapid customisation to match your particular organisational structure and processes - thus directly aiding, rather than hindering, users.

• Let you report with up-to-the-minute accuracy, across departments - in an instant.

• Provide wizards and clear navigation elements to help even the least IT-literate users and temporary staff to get what they need from the system, without you spending vast time and money on training.

• Ensure business continuity via a simple implementation - with an efficient and customer-focused model of project management to give you fast Return On Investment with minimal disruption.

• Dovetail implementation with a bespoke training plan to ensure that users are already up-to-speed when the system goes live.

• Provide users with simple development tools that allow them to adapt the system to meet changing departmental needs without having to call in IT.

• Help you take advantage of the power of the Web for externally focused tasks such as recruitment - helping you cut costs, save resource and secure the best people.

Ad-hoc reporting : Option for custom report development by business end users without any assistance from IT, enables them to develop new reports, analyse data, share/email the report or export the report.

• Help videos available in all areas of the application

HR and Payroll Software

Smart HR & Payroll is designed such a way to provide easy and cost-effective links and simple integration platform within the existing enterprise systems. The software is flexible and supports access of the management to the most reliable information enabling their quick decision-making.


Time and Attendance Software

Smart Time and Attendance Software is a browser-based, all inclusive Time and Attendance solution that interfaces to payroll applications and allows organizations to electronically collect and track accurate workforce data, streamlining the payroll process.


Employee Self Service

Paper-based time off requests, beneficiary updates, and pay stubs are becoming a thing of the past. Technology has made HR a self-service function in the small and mid-size business sector


SmartHR Mobile Attendance APP

SmartHR Mobile Attendance App is a unique mobile attendance application, record the attendance of your sales team/ off site employees/ in house employees accurately without any additional equipment, download the application and start using it today. No more standing in queue to mark attendance in biometric devices.


Recruitment Management

Smart Recruitment Manager is a highly configurable, scalable & user friendly web-based Applicant Tracking System/ Recruitment Management System. It is user friendly, flexible to fix around your hiring process and continuous product advancements are made to the system.


Training Management

Training programs can be entered with future dates which allows managers to track progress of employees through these programs, examine the results of courses taken and reschedule specific courses when needed.


Employee Appraisal / Performance Evaluation

Smart Appraisal Automates the time-consuming Employee Performance Appraisal administration process, thereby dramatically improving HR and Line Manager productivity.


Software As A Service(SAAS)

SaaS is a new model of how software is delivered. SaaS refers to soft-ware that is accessed via a web browser and is paid on a subscription basis (monthly or yearly). Different from the traditional model where a customer buys a license to software and assumes ownership for its maintenance and installation, SaaS presents significant advantages to the customer.


Smart HR - Managed Service

Concentrate on other areas of your business and let us fully manage your payroll processing. Simply email any new information over to us such as new starters and leavers and we do the rest. You can also provide your managers and employees with our class leading self-service software. This enables them to enter changes of personal details and manage such things as absence and overtime claims. We deal with all reporting, pension administration and year end reconciliations and submissions.


Time and Attendance Machines

It is actually a system of monitoring of employee work hours for the entire company and the analysis of various human resource figures such as overtime allowance, meal allowance, transport allowance and even bonus that are often derived from employee working hours.


SmartHR Ad-hoc Reporting

"We need to change 3 reports and create 5 new"? Have you calculated the money, time and energy spent for all these trifles? With new SmartHR Ad-hoc reporting tool the answer is: "You can do it yourself". SmartHR Ad-hoc reporting tool is fully integrated with SmartHR application and enables end users or your system administrator to build/change reports, save them, export results in excel or CSV. You can also share or email the reports to employees.