Payroll is a very important task. In-house Hosted Outsourced Bureau. Paying your staff is important. Employees are probably the biggest assets any Company has. Paying them on time is critical to your relationship with them. Either in-house or bureau your payroll solution needs to be properly supported by a specialist Company who ensures that you are in control of that procedure. We at SmartHR pride ourselves that after writing and supporting payroll systems for over 10 years - we have never had an instance where a customers payroll has not been paid on time. We appreciate the importance of payroll and our friendly, professional support reflects this.

So are yo, Our solutions have been designed by people who have been payroll managers, and know what is involved. SmartHR has been designed around making the payroll managers life easier. The payroll easily handles those late payments, new starters, leavers, supplementary payments and other anomalies that can make a payroll managers life more difficult. The system is unique in the marketplace in that it has no time consuming year-end update. This means that even historical enquiries and prints can be run at any time. No more searching through masses of old files. It also means that those ad hoc enquiries and management telephone calls at inappropriate times, are now available at the touch of a button.

So is your data. Paying people the correct amount and producing statutory reports are the most important aspect of the system. However, the payroll system contains a wealth of information about your staff and we make this available to you and your colleagues, it is not hidden away and difficult to get at. The software tools that we use to develop SmartHR make use of all the latest technological advances, including interfacing directly with E-Mail and the Internet.

So is personnel data. If personnel data is important to your organisation, then SmartHR offers a truly integrated Payroll and Human Resource system. No more duplication of data and no uploading / downloading of latest information. It can never get out of sync. The data is there online instantly.

So is security. Even your auditors will be happy. SmartHR is a totally secure system. You can set up the security by user, company, department, employee, menu, database, and field. The combination of these security levels ensures that SmartHR is as secure as you want it to be. All changes to the system are logged. This audit allows each change of information to be fully tracked, allowing you to tell what changes happened, by who, and when.

So are links to other systems. We like to use computers to make both your and our life easier. The interfaces to other windows products such as Microsoft Office and report writers are an integral part of the system. We automatically directly export the nominal information to your accounts system, and we can also integrate to time and attendance.

So are our customers. We recognise the importance of payroll, and the importance to our customers that payroll works well and on time. We offer you the added security that we are there to ensure your payroll goes through without any hitches or broken promises.

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