HRMS Dubai

Personnel - Know your employees. A wealth of information about your companies biggest asset. Organisations need to hold a lot of information about their employees. Quite often this information is held in a number of different departments. SmartHR is designed to be a central source of all data, accessible to all authorised personnel. This single database system can also incorporate; SmartHR Payroll, Time & Attendance, Recruitment, Performance Appraisal and HR Budgeting and Manpower planning.

Time - SmartHR personnel system has been designed to allow you to access all authorised data without having to leave your desk.

Security - We know the importance of keeping personnel records secure and because of this we have introduced five levels of security on top of the database security. The SmartHR security manager can easily be configured to allow different users to access only information which they are authorised to see.

What Information - From recruitment to retirement, Companies need to record a lot of information concerning their employees; qualifications, training courses, remuneration, skills, previous employment, letters sent/received are just some of the information that can be held and reported on. Other aspects of Human Resource management that are catered for include; recruitment, loan information, equipment, health, pension data, dependants and next of kin. SmartHR is designed to cover all sectors of employment, offering a complete system - suitable for any size of company.

Linking to Office Suites - SmartHR interfaces to other Windows products such as Word Processors, Spread Sheets and Report Writers.

User interface - All the screens in SmartHR are designed with the user in mind. Users already familiar with Windows take only a matter of minutes to use the system. To enable rapid data entry, most of the sections are provided with import from excel option.

Compatiblilty - SmartHR is compatible with any standard browser.

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